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In matrimonial actions, some of your most personal information is brought to light in the courtroom. This information may be used subsequently in proceedings brought in civil court. A recently proposed amendment to a New York law would allow for greater protections of confidential information of any documents, testimony, or evidence derived from a matrimonial action if it were to be used in a Supreme or County Court action.

Although redacting confidential information in certain situations during the course of divorce proceedings is legally required, the amendment would expand the scope of information that would receive such protection during civil court actions.

Additionally, another amendment has been proposed that would require the use of initials, rather than the parties’ names, in cases dealing with sensitive information such as abuse, neglect, issues surrounding mental health, or juvenile delinquency. If passed, the law would provide greater protections to children under 18 and victims of domestic violence situations. Home addresses and birthdays, and account numbers would also be redacted in any civil court actions.

The laws affected include 22 N.Y.C. R.R. §202.5(e), and 22 NYCRR §202.16. The proposed changes are open for public comment until September 10, 2015. For more information regarding the amendments, click here.

If you are in the process of a divorce, it is important to have an experienced matrimonial attorney who can advise you of, and protect your legal rights. The Law Office of Larry McCord and Associates is skilled and experienced in dealing with all aspects of family law matters. Call (631) 643-3084 for a consultation today.

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