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A prenuptial agreement is designed to protect both parties to a marriage. A prenuptial agreement is a contract that is entered into prior to marriage. This agreement may not only set forth the way in which marital property will be divided in the event that the parties get divorced but may also set forth guidelines pertaining to social media accounts.


While many individuals post daily on social media platforms, many do not think about the consequences or backlash of doing so. Today, social media can negatively impact an individual’s personal, family, or business reputation. For this reason, guidelines regarding social media accounts should be included in a prenuptial agreement.


A person may address the following social media concerns in a prenuptial agreement:


  • Social media name;
  • Posting frequency;
  • Number of pictures posted;
  • Type of pictures posted;
  • Type of social media accounts allowed;
  • Topics of discussion in posts;
  • Tagging;
  • Friend list;
  • Privacy settings;
  • Accessing one another’s accounts; and
  • Social media concerns during and after a divorce, among others.


These are some of the topics available to couples addressing social media concerns in a prenuptial agreement. The provisions of the agreement may be tailored to meet your individual needs. It is important to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney who can assist you in this process. If you are looking to address social media concerns within a prenuptial agreement, the experienced Long Island divorce attorneys at Larry McCord & Associates, LLC can guide you through the process. Please contact Larry McCord and Associates, LLC at (631) 643-3084 to learn more about the firm’s services.

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