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If you are involved in a contentious divorce, here are some tips to make the divorce process a bit easier.

Focus on the Next Chapter

Try not to dwell on the past. If you want to move forward in life, you must try to put any painful memories behind you, which may require you to speak with an experienced and licensed therapist. Try not to engage in arguments with a former spouse. If a situation arises, try to be the bigger person in the dispute. In addition, having an attorney present during any interaction with a former spouse may be beneficial to the parties.

Don’t Express Your Feelings

It is not a good idea to attempt to restart a relationship with a former spouse. In most instances, this does not end well. For instance, do not express apologies for something that occurred in the past. This can be used against you during the divorce proceeding as evidence of guilt and wrongdoing.

Take a Realistic Approach

An argumentative spouse is not likely to change. With that being said, there is likely to be an emotionally draining and bumpy road ahead. In this instance, it is important to have realistic goals in coming to a settlement agreement as well as planning for your future.

Protect Yourself and Your Family with Temporary Orders of Protection

If a former spouse is physically, mentally, or verbally abusive, it may be necessary to implement a restraining order. A court may issue a temporary order of protection or require supervised visits when a former spouse poses a risk of danger to you or your children. If a former spouse fails to follow the terms of the order, he or she will face legal consequences. However, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney before requesting an order of protection or supervised visits.

If you are in the process of getting divorced from a high conflict spouse, immediately speak with an experienced divorce and child custody attorney. The lawyers at Larry McCord & Associates, LLC have experience representing spouses in all aspects of matrimonial and family law litigation. The complexities of divorce and custody cases can be overwhelming and emotional. Contact Larry McCord and Associates, LLC at (631) 643-3084 to put an experienced Long Island divorce lawyer on your side.

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