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First President Obama, signed an executive order on June 15, 2012, called DACA, that is an administrative relief from deportation for eligible immigrant youth, that came to the U.S. as children. DACA is a two-year program.

About one year ago, President Trump revoked DACA, program.

VICTORY FOR DACA CHILDREN: However, on November 8, 2018 the U.S. Appeals court ruled against President Trump on DACA, program. DACA program protects undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.

Yes, you may renew your DACA if you were previously granted DACA, relief, and your DACA has expired, and you have not been convicted of a Felony.

If you think you have an immigration issue relative to DACA or you wish to apply for Green Card . Contact my office if you wish us to file a renewal application.


Si tiene un problema legal de inmigración, el bufete de abogados de Larry McCord and Associates, LLC es un bufete amigable bilingüe y le podemos ayudar.


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