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As quoted by many sources, the divorce rate hovers around 50 percent for first marriages in this country. Second marriages have an even higher rate of divorce, generally stated to be around 67 percent. That means more second-timers file divorce petitions and these are often older people, many of whom are retiring or approaching retirement.

Normally, it would seem that these older individuals would have simpler divorces. Their children are generally grown which means child custody and child support issues are non-existent. These second divorces can, however, be just as complicated and more so than divorces among younger couples.

In many cases, these divorces involve much more complex financial issues due to the retirement factor. Retirement plans, pension plans, health insurance, life insurance, business interests and partnerships, aging parents, children in college, and more may be involved. One spouse may wish to maintain a high standard of living without downsizing or reducing expenses to a retired lifestyle. This can mean that the other spouse may be forced to continue working in order to provide the necessary financial support. Retirement accounts and other financial factors will need to be identified and valued in order to come up with an agreement that the parties will accept. These couples may have complicated financial histories which will need to be sorted out before a divorce can be finalized. Accountants and other financial experts may be required to help clarify and determine how the finances should be handled.

Kansas City Divorce Firm

Many issues can complicate the process of divorce. Every couple has their own unique circumstances which will affect the outcome. On top of these complexities, divorce often brings with it an emotional factor which can hinder the judgment of those involved. All of these factors underscore the need for a trusted and skilled divorce attorney who can ensure that you understand the ramifications of your decisions and who can guide you through your divorce with the least amount of pain and stress.

In Kansas City, The Reynolds Law firm, LLC has been practicing divorce and family law for many years. The legal team is comprised of caring and knowledgeable problem-solvers who will help you find the most effective ways to handle your divorce or other family law issue, such as child custody, child support, alimony, post-divorce modifications to court orders, and more. This is a firm that prides itself on the relationships it creates with valued clients. Contact them for a free case evaluation concerning your family law matter to find out where you stand and how best to proceed towards an efficient resolution.

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